That's me with CN Tower in Toronto.

That's me with CN Tower in Toronto.

hi, I'm qbo.

I'm glad you found me, before you go around browsing through my work and my blog, let me tell you a bit about myself first.

My full name is Gyubok Baik but most people call me qbo. I am an entrepreneur, developer, lover of all things mobile. I am currently involved in two projects: Candid, a unique social networking service that allows anonymous interaction between users, and suite of BlackBerry 10 apps aimed at productivity. I do some consulting work as well on my side. I have a thing for mobile app design and you can see my passion through my work.

I have operated under the alias "qbotron" until recently when I decided to rebrand myself.

If you want to know more about me, follow me on twitter @gyubok or shoot me an email at!