So I've finally decided to come out of the shadow and reveal my true identity. I finally feel comfortable to do so, so here it is. 

My name is Gyubok Baik but you can call me qbo. I started the qbotron project out of boredom during one of my co-op terms. At the time, I was studying Chemical Engineer at the University of Waterloo and was working at an atomic research lab for a co-op program credit.

That co-op term changed my life, literally.

I was so bored during and after work, I started reading and learning about programming languages everyday after work. It didn't seem so complicated so I took the school term after the co-op term off to further study the world of programming. During that off term, I became knowledgeable enough to launch several apps under the name qbotron - don't ask why the name "qbotron", I thought it was a cool name at the time. Incidentally, I switched my major from Chemical Engineering to Computer Science right after that off term.

As I continued to develop mobile application, the brand - qbotron, became a trusting source of apps for a lot of BlackBerry users. With over 1.5 million combined downloads and at one time 100k daily users (I say daily because it's more significant feat than 100k active users) on one of my product, puZZed.

I've pursued two startups while continuing qbotron and am currently on my third: Diaree. Honestly, I don't know where I will be in the future but one thing I am certain of: I am giving my best on whatever is going on in my life today.