what is user experience?

Everyone talks about user experience, every app development firm talks about user experience,  every handset maker talks about how their user experience triumphs their competitors.

What the hell is user experience and why is everyone so obsessed with it?

User experience (UX for short) is simply just that. The experience user gets when they use your product. UX is not a measurable, scaleable, tangible thing where you build your product against. It's the dynamic of multiple elements within your product coming and working together, like magic. Great user experience? I cannot tell you how to create one. There are, however, some minimum requirements that your product must abide to when completed.

  1. Performance
    If you cannot make your app as smooth as how the OS you've built your product upon runs, try again. There should be no compromise in performance for good UX.
  2. UI consistency
    No matter how simple your product is, the chances are, you'll be using significant amount of image assets and default UI elements. You must make the style of the icons consistent. Your end users must not have a second of doubt of the functionality of a button when being presented in front of them.
  3. Simplicity
    No one likes looking at overly crowded.. anything. From this, we already know that everything we make must be simple. But how simple? Da Vinci left a quote which I really like: "Simplicity, resulting from a creative process, is the ultimate sophistication." This quote teaches us that simpleness itself is not good enough. The correct simpleness must come as a result of creative process. He truly was a genius.

Providing the best user experience is not an easy task. It requires tremendous amount of thought process and continuous elimination of idea after idea.  Once you have it thought, I can assure you that you'll know it, and your customers will thank you for it ;)