originality is overrated

We have all thought of an "original" idea just to realize someone else have done it in the past. When someone tells us about their exciting new "original" idea, we desperately think of something or someone who have already done the same thing. By doing so, we will have accomplished our mission of telling them their idea is not original.

What those people don't know is that originality is good but killer execution (pun) is better.

It is important to know that a product doesn't need to be original to be successful. If you look around, the best things in life are improvements of their predecessors. Facebook had MySpace, BBM had SMS, Samsung had Sony, etc. The ideas of my work over the years have mostly been original. puZZed, Corky Notes, Lazy Lists, and Diaree are products and services that haven't existed when they first launched. Though they were (and are) all successful in their own ways, each one of these products had to break new grounds for the customers to know what they are.

To support my bold claim, my next project will not be original at all and I'm going to attempt to build a user experience so that it will over throw the top player.