about that corky notes update..

So, Corky Notes received a huge update several days ago. This update was probably the hardest and the most crucial update that I've ever pushed. It required a lot of decisions and careful selection of which features I should add from the pool of cool features suggested by your guys.

If you have updated Corky Notes from its previous version, you probably noticed the new splash screen, Diaree ad, and an introductory page (with top hidden menu bar and my Twitter).

Beyond that, if you’ve heavily customized your Corky Notes in the past, all your customizations are now gone. The dark theme, background, note shape, toggle show/hide pin, and toggle note rotation... all gone.

It's not a bug, it's not a glitch; I did that.

After pushing numerous updates since its launch last June, I realized two things:

  1. You guys are not big on customizations.
  2. You guys use Corky Notes a lot.

Given those two behavioral facts about large portion of Corky Notes users, it was obvious that the app needed to lose the fancy appearance and focus on what it was created to do - keeping notes, color coding them, and organizing them in folders - and that's exactly what I did.

You see, one of the biggest problems in the previous version of Corky Notes was its performance. Corky Notes worked great but, over time, as you would use it more and more, you would see performance degradation and sometimes, in rare cases, even complete crash of the app with all notes disappearing. The previous versions of Corky Notes were clunky, sluggish, and unreliable to keep your notes. Adding features after features on top of such mess was a disaster and was not fun.

To be honest, the first version of Corky Notes should've been the latest update. It was simple and had the ability to scale up in terms of feature additions while maintaining the performance.

For those of you who really enjoyed customizing your Corky Notes, not all hope is lost, I will be bringing some customization features from the previous version of the app in the near future!

Keep calm and be productive.