Fun new way to organize your daily life!

For those of us who rely on lists, calendar reminders, piece of paper that will save our lives from becoming a total chaos. Corky Notes is a fun new way to create memos and to do lists! Corky Notes is no different than your traditional Post-It on a cork board, you simply create a note and place it anywhere on the cork board!

  • Create new note by double tapping on empty space of the cork board
  • Share your note by dragging the note to share icon located at bottom left hand corner of the screen
  • Delete your note by dragging the note to trash bin icon located at bottom right hand corner of the screen
  • Show or hide tab by swiping from left
  • Move notes between tabs by dragging them to the tab of specific category

For BlackBerry 10:

Additional Features

  • Create unlimited number of notes!
  • Set different colour for each note
  • Set due date for each note and have due date badge display number of days past/remaining
  • Set active frame frequency for Corky Notes cycling through notes
  • Set position of tabs (left/right)
  • Show/hide specific tabs
  • Further customize the appearance of tabs by specifying the colour and icon of each tab!
  • Receive all future feature additions at no extra cost – I have some cool new features to implement in future releases!