One List App to Rule Them All.

Forget any old ways of creating lists, Lazy Lists is here. With Lazy Lists, you will be able to interact with the lists you create in ways you could have never imagined before.

Here are five basic features that are extremely easy to use. They are so intuitive that once you start using Lazy Lists, you won’t be able to go back to any other list app!

  • Pull the list down to add new item
  • Swipe right to delete, left to share
  • Tap, hold, then drag to rearrange
  • Double-tap to edit
  • Tap once to mark item as "Done"

Additional Features

  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Set colour and due date of your list headers and have them integrated into the native calendar app
  • Use dark theme to save battery
  • Show your list on home screen via Active Frame
  • And many many more!